Annuity Appointments
at Affordable Prices!

Simple Pricing System

Simple and clear: Every Legacy™ Appointment costs $55. No credit card fees or additional taxes. You'll have the chance to meet with a diverse range of public employees, from principals and teachers to custodians, and municipal staff. The pricing remains consistent regardless of the profession - just $55!



How do I pay for appointments?

Payments can be made by check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Debit or Credit Card Authorization. There are no credit card fees for VISA, Master Card, Discover or AMEX.

What is a virtual appointment?

A virtual appointment is essentially a standard meeting conducted over the phone or through a video conference system. Many insurance companies support online applications, e-signatures, and recognize Zoom appointments as equivalent to in-person meetings. Please reach out to the insurance carrier to clarify their specific requirements.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with an Legacy™ team member. They'll work together with you to determine your preferred territories, conducting thorough research to set up your appointments. (Contact a Legacy™ team member HERE)

Can I contact the prospect prior to the appointment?

Absolutely! The sooner you make contact the better. Contact builds rapport and decreases the chance of a possible no-show.

What is the policy for no-show and canceled appointments?

At the time an appointment is booked, Legacy™ places the appointment on your calendar along with the potential client's contact information. If the appointment cancels, Legacy™ will replace the canceled appointment with a new appointment. However, if the potential client is a no-show, charges apply as you have the means to reschedule. If the agent cancels or is a no-show, charges still apply.

How do I reorder or discontinue receiving appointments?

Appointments will automatically cease once your paid allotment has been fulfilled. You will receive a reminder to renew when your order is within 10 appointments of fulfillment. You may discontinue appointments at anytime by sending a stop order request to

You Still Have Questions...

It is our privilege to get you connected with public employees who are searching for an advisor. We understand that you may have additional questions regarding qualifications and fees, please click below to schedule a call with a Legacy™ team member.


I Don't Need To Talk, I Just Want Appointments


Your passion is admirable! For the protection of public employees that contact us requesting an appointment with a financial professional, Legacy™ only recommends agents that have qualified as Legacy Retirement Consultants™. Click below to apply for LRC™ status and a team member will contact you promptly!

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